What is Dualism in the Occult? A Gnostic Belief Movie Reviews

2 years ago

Dualism: The Illuminati Religion - In this 'Conspiracy Theory of Everything' type exposé on the Illuminati, Gnosticism and Luciferian beliefs I reveal for the first time the hidden and zealously guarded religious beliefs of the Elites. I begin by outlining their basic beliefs about Dualism and the Great Work and what all these doctrines entail.

I then attempt to prove my outlandish assertions by reviewing four of the most Gnostic entrenched pieces of content available (The Matrix, Tron Legacy, Lego Movie & ES4: Shivering Isles). I also offer a large list of other similar content. After this I examine occult symbolism and cultural trends showing that the same doctrines appear where ever the Illuminati have any influence.

Some examples of topics covered are: Masonic Symbolism, Baphomet, 9/11, The Emerald Tablet, LGBT, Evolution, Chimeras, Trans-humanism, Race Wars, Prince ect. ect. In the final section of the video I go about refuting the many beliefs revealed in the first two sections, as well as offering a superior alternative to those beliefs which is found in the Gospel of Christ contained in the Word of God, the Bible. -By Theophilus Most Excellent

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