Manic Monday - Democrats are a Shitzu , Woke turns to $hit

Published November 10, 2021 226 Views

Rumble The Democrat party is a Shit Zoo... You can't take them seriously on anything.. What policy platform issue can you think of that sounds like its a winner for the american people as a whole. The Resident & VP have the lowest approval records ever, nothing going to change that. However our Corporate MSM & Social Media continues to attempt to social engineer us with medical communism which is the main reason why the Democrats will continue to fail.. America was founded on FREEDOM ...

1. in look over there news Travis Scott Concert distraction to Refund All Astroworld Attendees, Cancels Day N Vegas Festival Appearance.

2. BTW Travis Scott stage was an inverted cross

3. Alphabet Soup news- Mayor Pete documentary is not gaining any traction , the trailer has barely 1.5k likes & over 7k dislikes

4. HBO in its 2nd year of exploitation of LGBTQ & Drag Queens as the FOREVER VICTIMS even though gays are celebrated & these Drag Queens are making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS with TV show, commercials , & social media influencers

5. the Kyle Rittenhouse case have imploded as we all knew it would because its on video.. However witness admitted Kyle Rittenhouse didn't shoot until a gun was pointed at him, one of his attackers just admitted in court

6. Trump on Lets Go Brandon , I still like the first phrase better somehow "Fkuc Joe Biden"

7. the best roasting of the Lunatic Left by Republican John Kennedy

8. They are using Sesame Street puppets to push the Covid19 vaccine for children & we have this beta male simp Father who is so proud of himself that he brainwashed his kid to believe that if he doesn’t mask up in school, he will die

9. Karen trying to intimidate some NYC firefighters who aren't wearing masks on a train.

10. That Sambo Monkey Obama out here saying that old tired mantra "vote like your life depends on it."

11. Massa James Carville stating There’s backlash and a frustration.” Democratic strategist James Carville blames stupid wokeness.

12. Massa James Carville says Democrats "are not popular around the country, people don't like them.

13. Meantime Resident Joke Biden yelling about giving illegal aliens tax payer money

14. Steve Doucy asked assistant WH Press Secretary Why are you giving people who came here the wrong way money? she has no answer for that .

15. Kumguzzler Harris interrupts a NASA presentation to ask if NASA "can measure trees" as part of "environmental justice

16. MSDNC aka MSNBC Joe Scarboro I haven't heard a Democrat this year talk about how groceries cost more, how gas at the pump is costing more...the supply chain is screwed up, inflation is high

17. Leftist Agenda promoting Bill Maher blast Greta Thungberg & Zoomers over climate change , their hypocrisy as if he never promoted this nonsense

18 . Bill Maher also lashes out at CRT , the Civil war on the democrat plantation is real, been going on long time because of all their division tactics now the chickens are coming home to roost .

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