74 Georgia Counties Can’t Produce Original 2020 Election Ballot Images

2 years ago


This VoterGA press conference revealed that 74 Georgia counties cannot produce the original November 2020 election ballot images that are automatically created by the Dominion voting system and used to tabulate results. Digital ballot images are a key component of election records that are required to be retained for a period of about two years by federal and state retention laws. At least 56 counties have admitted in writing that they do not have all or many images while another 18 counties failed to comply with Open Records Requests at the time of the press conference. The results were compiled by a VoterGA ballot image analysis team that served all 159 Georgia counties with those Open Records Requests. The press conference also presented written evidence that the former State Elections Director authorized one or more counties to destroy original Election Day images by overwriting memory cards containing those images.

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