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Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV - "Intergalactic League Round 1" - December 10, 2021

Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV
December 10, 2021
"Intergalactic League: Round 1"

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Intergalactic League is here! This ultimate contest of singles match endurance will play out over the next few weeks, beginning with a group stage and culminating with a knockout tournament. Over one hundred SIW superstars have joined the fray. Who will survive and win the first ever Intergalactic League?

Select matches from the Intergalactic League Round 1:

Group A: Max Moose vs Samoa Joe

Group B: 2 Cold Scorpio vs Lio Rush

Group C: Joe Stane vs Shane Douglas

Group D: Perry Mason vs Jado

Group E: Robocop vs Misawa

Group F: The Sandman vs Daniel Boone

Group G: Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles

Group H: Winston Zeddmore vs Kenta Kobashi

Group I: El Hijo del Ice Cream vs Taz

Group J: Rick Steiner vs Matsunaga

Group K: Samuel Powers vs Ric Flair

Group L: Dusty Rhodes vs Bret Hart

Group M: Tommaso Ciampa vs Apollo Crews

Group N:
Terry Gordy
SIW World Heavyweight Champion Adam Cole

Group O: Raven vs Kevin Sullivan

Group P: Steve Williams vs Drew Gulak

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