Moment Firefighters Battle Huge House Blaze In California

Published November 9, 2021 46 Views

Rumble This footage shows a massive blaze tearing through a home in California as firefighters battle the blaze.

The incident took place in the city of Simi Valley in California, some 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles, on Friday afternoon (5th November).

The footage shows huge flames emanating from the roof of the house while a helicopter can be heard overhead.

The images also show firefighters trying to access the house from which a plume of smoke can be seen wafting into the sky. One firefighter can be seen hosing down the building through the front door while others used an angle grinder to attempt to gain access to the garage.

A second video shows a massive ladder from a fire truck deployed high above the building and spraying water down onto it.

The footage was shared online by the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD) who said in a series of updates that there was a "Barricaded subject located and being transported to local trauma center" and that crews were "remaining on scene for several hours."

They then said that units were "performing 'forcible entry' to the garage for better access to the fire."
They then posted a third video with the update that units were continuing "to extinguish fire."

They then said that that working with the Simi Valley Police Department (SVPD), they had removed "6 total occupants".

They added that they had no firefighter injuries to report.

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