AZ Truth Tellers Town Hall- Summary Wrap Up

Published November 8, 2021 5,699 Views

On 11/7/21, Gail Golec, along with Jason Funes hosted a Truth Tellers Town Hall in Scottsdale AZ.

American Citizens from around the state came to tell their story about what they witnessed and what had personally happened to them as it relates to the 2020 Election.

One of the biggest take aways, the ballots that were audited were not authentic ballots. There were witnessses to thousands of ballots that were pre-printed ballots.

There were a variety of papers and print styles as well, with massive alignment errors, which would force adjudication.

There were boxes, (unsecured, security tape broken) that were 98% all Biden. That is statisically impossible to happen naturally.

There are over 4 hours of testimony. We took notes and this is a synopsis of some of the findings.

What I know now is the ballots that were audited were not authentic based upon eyewitnees testimony.

It appears to me that ballots were swapped out and the originals destroyed.

Further investigation is necessary, especially into Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Hen House fire that happened coincidently at the same time bags of shredded ballots were found in a dumpster in the back of the tabulation center.

I don't know what the truth is about how the ballots were exchanged or if they were burnt in the fire. I do know that the ballots that were audited were not the true and actual ballots of the people based upon the witness testimonials.

Post Production Note: There was a mention about a death of a Fire Chief after the Hickman Hen House Fire. (May he rest in peace) While I only heard a rumor of it at the time of the video, I did not know the details.
Here are the details:

More to come...

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