IIICE COLD Gears 2 Guardian Match 3

Published November 6, 2021 35 Views

RAW footage, from IIICE COLD (Alt. Account), of Gears of War 2 Guardian (Match 3).

-Jacob Curnow is a professional video gaming analyst with 30 plus years of experience. He is also a World Class video gaming competitor with a plethora of World Titles, World Records, and more than 30 #1 Ranks in the World spanning a variety of different gaming genres and titles. Jacob has been a participant in competitive gaming since he was a child, and currently has around 60 video gaming consoles, with more than 2,000 games collected over several decades. Jacob is a former bodybuilder, current 4.0 GPA college student, avid reader (with a library of 500 plus books), and dabbles in martial arts and/or athleticism. Jacob is also a former Congressional Candidate for the House of Representatives (Federal Level) and is an expert on politics.

-Mr. Curnow is seeking to use his experience, world class skill, and knowledge in order to craft the best, and most sophisticated, form of martial art and/or martial science that the history of the world, and the human species, has ever seen. So stay tuned! But in the meantime, SUBSCRIBE to Jacob's channel, check out his website Legendary Gaming (listed below).


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