Installing Chromium (NOT GOOGLE CHROME)

Published November 6, 2021 40 Views

Rumble Many things have changed in two years since I made this video. I can no longer offer downloads in my site Due to someone saying I was file sharing which I NEVER did!

New MS Edge is now also Chromium based.

This is a very long video so I will add the breaks to each item so you can fast forward. Since the video covers settings, apps/addons, FVD Speed Dial, Eversync, Adblock Plus, Read Aloud and Lastpass.

3:16 downloading Chromium.
7:18 installing Chromium.
8:16 Chromium Settings.
20:47 install apps/addons.
23:53 setting up FVD Speed Dial.
23:60 Using EverSync.
29:20 How to use Read Aloud.

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