1 year ago

'Vaxxed' Airline Passenger goes Psychotic on a flight bound to London, England

The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by trying to use the same protection that didn't protect the protected.

Definition of Sheeple by Dictionary.com
People who are like sheep in being meek, conforming, or easily led:
Maintaining fear, division, and hate is a priority—sheeple are easier to herd when frightened. People who copy what other people do or believe what they are told and do not think for themselves. Most sheeple buy what other people buy.

More examples:
They're use to being passive "sheeple," doing what the doctors and the experts tell them. Most are small-minded sheeple who apparently never learned to think for themselves and instead let others do it for them "group think". And you can depend on the sheeple of this country to not even bother to fact-check or even know how.

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