269: BRIGITTE GABRIEL, Save America, Collaborate, Faith, Capital, Brainwashing, Heal

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12:06p - Michele Swinick: Collaboration Concept For Business, Life & Community - What is your “Database of Diamonds” & why you’re losing $1,000 a day by not optimizing it

12:17p - Dr. Rick Chromey: America’s Faith Abandonment Agenda – When did we first drift from our Judeo-Christian roots & WHY?

12:27p - Lois Hollis: Shame Guilt Healing – It’s time to stop blaming yourself, turn your life around & never look back

12:38p - Sendra Dorce: Money Resources - How to raise capital in today’s environment for real estate, businesses & projects

12:48p - JoAnne Sullam: Wildlife Helping People - Connecting with nature to bring back balance in your life

*Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*

1:00p - Special Guest JEFFREY DAUGHERTY: Host of Late Night in the Heartland & Ex-20 year minister w/over 100k hours of study helping YOU to UNINDOCTRINATE - Religiously, Scientifically, Historically & Psychologically. Everything you've been told in life is based on a web of lies, propaganda & manipulation

1:30p - Special Guest BRIGITTE GABRIEL: National Security Analyst, NYT Best Selling Author & Chairman of ACT for America - the largest national security & freedom fighting grassroots organization in the US with over 1 million members. She founded it 19 years ago, making her the OG & Godmother of the Freedom Movement

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