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The dinisaurs did not drive cars, operate heavy machinery, nor did they live amongst paddocks full of livestock, so how do these so called climatologist, scientists explain ancient temperature that were far higher than they are now? Medieval warming has been brushed off. The sun and the solar system obviouslly is never entered into the equation when it comes to the propaganda on the so called Global Warming.

Of course the eco-politicians and the IPCC do not use the term 'global warming' anymore, its now been replace with climate change. You cannot argue that climate change has been variable over 8.5 billion years.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, the 'Great Reset' and 'UN Agenda 2030'. 17 global development goals that all relate to climate alarmism. Within months Jacinda Ardern has announced a Climate Emergency to a Code Red.

Blames the farmer, blame the cows but I say blame the greedy global elites, the cabal those that seek immense wealth and global power.

Time and time again over this past 6 months I have read about the global food security. The UN Food Agricultural Org., that is led by a member of the Chinese Communist Regime. The FAO monitors the worlds food chain. They are promoting crop growing and forestation and decreasing livestock.

COP26 gathering in Glasgow are talking about decreasing livestock to cut methane. But what is really going on here. This certainly is a plandemic.

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