Axetruth Show - Tacky Tuesday " A $hitty Mess"

Published November 3, 2021 74 Views

Rumble Resident Joke Biden is a $hitty mess, the economy is a $hitty mess, the scamdemic has always been a $hitty mess... The NWO globalist have activated Colin "Angela Davis" Kaepernick on Netflix aka Ni#g@Flix to compare playing in the NFL is akin to slavery.... its all a $hittymess

1. Colin Kaepernick thinks being a pro football player - who can earn millions of dollars and quit when they want to - is very similar to being a slave & Now Lebron James Thinks The NFL Is Like Slavery Too

2. The DemoKKKrat Plantation Massa Terry McAuliffe closing message to pander to the SHINES by We Need To Diversify Teachers In Order To "Make Everybody Feel Comfortable" too many WHITE teachers.

3. Dan Scavino tweeted "Those who voted for Trump but gave up on him, will deeply regret it. Go ahead and bookmark this. Take a picture. Write it on your refrigerator. The scope of things to come is astounding. All great things. Power back to we the people." I believe this 100% based on Trumps ACTIONS & whats he put in place during his presidency .

4. President Trump enjoying himself at the World Series participates in 'Tomahawk chop' at World Series game & Crowd at braves game shouting USA at TRUMP
President Trump was laughing when the crowd was chanting "Let's Go Brandon.

5. The Trump hate was manufactured the Biden hate is organic grass roots & world wide. "Let's Go Brandon" is the 1# song knocking out Adel .

6. HOLY CRAP! The ENTIRE stadium is chanting FJB

7. Wisconsin Election Commission literally wrote they needed flexability to NOT follow the law, which the SCAMDEMIC gave them that

8. WI Sheriff Schmaling: ‘ELECTION LAW WAS NOT JUST BROKEN BUT SHATTERED!” – Releases Evidence of Election Fraud in Racine, Wisconsin!

9. MSNBC reporting 71% American people saying we are on the wrong track... Joe Biden is failing in everything

10. Biden blames Russia and OPEC for higher gas and oil prices, WTF

11. Word on the curb Joe Biden was a shitty mess at the vatican . The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of an “bathroom accident” at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving

12. Dems don't have the votes Manchin will not vote for the multi trillion dollar spending bill

13. Huge protest in Sweden & Belgium against vaccine mandates , the people are awaken & not going back to sleep

14. Mayor Deblasio NYC Cracking Down On Fake Sick Calls Over Vaccine Mandate

15. You are the problem': AT&T tells white staff they are racist, asks them to confess their 'white privilege' and to promote Defund the Police as part of re-education program by CEO John Stankey

16. Bill Maher is jumping ship acting like he didn't promote all the crazy over the top hysteria behind the Scamdemic Covid19. And his dumb audience clapping along as if they didn't do the same.. Proves how this Pandemic was POLITICAL from the start , which reaffirms that the pandemic is FAKE .

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