The Gannon Analysis - An Analysis of John Gannon's Remarks After the Giddings Hearing

Published November 2, 2021 510 Views

On August 3, 2021, Idaho's House Policy and Ethics Committee concluded its "investigation" into Priscilla Giddings. The Committee alleged that Giddings "disclosed" and "published' the name of a woman who accused another legislator of sexual assault. Suddenly, months after the original hearing of the other legislator, the "Ethics" Committee decided to award the accuser "Whistleblower" status Ex Post Facto.

Five members of the "Ethics" Committee gave their remarks that morning: John Gannon, Wendy Horman, John McCrostie, Brent Crane, and Sage Dixon. William Myers, the attorney for Holland and Hart, what's referred to as House Speaker Scott Bedke's "go-to" law firm. These legislators sat on the dais and said nothing as John Gannon gave reasoning that would have been laughed out of any courtroom.

This is an analysis of Representative John Gannon's remarks. Be sure to watch Daniel Bobinski's analysis of the other legislators' remarks here on the True Idaho News Rumble page.

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