Vaccine Injured Brianne Dressen: "I feel like I am being electrocuted 24/7"

2 years ago

Brianne Dressen was a participant of Senator Ron Johnson's Roundtable discussion on mandatory COVID-19 vaccines held in Washington D.C. on November 2, 2021.

Brianne stated: "I feel like I am being electrocuted 24/7." She thought she was alone as an isolated case, but then found out there were "thousands of us" being denied medical care and recognition as vaccine injured from COVID-19 shots.

They decided to take action when they saw that children were being targeted with these deadly shots. They contacted every single political entity possible to talk about injuries and deaths from these shots. "If you have an elected representative, they've heard from us."

The media would not cover their stories, because they were told not to make the vaccines look bad.

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