Casey Hodgkinson - Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction

2 years ago

Casey Hodgkinson
Pfizer September 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction - Severe Neurological Involvement, Convulsions, Tics & Vocal Tics, Severe Pain
Aged 23 Years of Old

Anna telling her Daughter Casey's story

This is just a small part of what my daughter is going through, caused by one dose of the Pfizer Vaccine.

Four weeks of this now, and getting worse, with the bad episodes she also loses the ability to talk! She’s in constant pain always which is excruciating when she’s having a bad episode, what can last from half an hour or for many hours at a time! Her legs are either in agony or then numb. Her partner said her pain was a 10/10 and he couldn’t even touch her legs without causing her agony.

The pressure in her head is unbearable and getting worse with each episode. She’s struggling to walk on her own and when she has to walk over 100 metres it sets off an episode, as happened twice today getting her into her blood's and doctors appointments, with no wheelchair available!

I wanted to film her today but not allowed to in the med lab. She was sent home from the hospital with false information on her discharge papers, and given meds for anxiety and schizophrenia, suggesting someone in her family told them that she had a history of tics, which is utter bullshit! It’s been written in her release notes... the bastards! She did have either of these before the vaccine... what the hell are they thinking!!

Please, I continue to ask for us to pray for my girl and that we figure this out soon and that it stops getting worse each day!

My heart is just breaking for my girl 💔😢

This video is of what Casey has to endure


Casey bravely tells her story below.

"I'm done being silent!

I've recently been dealing with horrible side effects of the vaccine..
I have ongoing muscle spasms and what the Drs are referring as Tics. I get bad episodes where my body convulses for ages. I can't control the Tics. I also get Vocal Tics, and all-over Body Tics, and I can hardly walk now.

I can't drive, nor work - which is why I got the vaccine, so, I could work!! Now a lot of things have been taken away. A lot of doors maybe closed for good.

The Doctors have admitted it is a bad reaction to the vaccine, and that it has more than likely made any underlying issues worse. - I've been dealing with it a few weeks now. With no sign of it stopping.

I do not judge 'Anyone's Choice'. You can be anti-vax or stand with the vaccine and I'll still support you.

What has hurt me most of all is that family members have treated my issue as if it is nothing, trying to make themselves feel better. Because they believe in the vaccine.

I want others to know the truth. I took the vaccine believing it will help and I was wrong. Others have reacted badly also.

When I was rushed to the hospital unable to control the tics and unable to walk or communicate (this bad episode lasted all day), I heard Drs saying how someone else had also been rushed in, unable to breathe because of a bad reaction to the vaccine.

I do not want to change your opinion. I only want people to know my story and what I've been through.



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