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Cacophony of Confusion

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Cacophony of Confusion
This program not only covers the Cacophony of Confusion and chaos across the general Citizenry in the nation but also a quick dive into the states, again Ohio for instance, and within American Christendom. Many pundits are making a lot of noise and quite frankly, a lot of money, barking and howling their version of National Restoration.

Finding national restoration has historical roots. None of the canines of the media, whether sheep dog or mongrels, are looking to what is the roots of national restoration. No, they whimper, growl, howl and bark; with some sadly being eaten by flies with their heads in boxes with no real answers to restoring the nation.

In the first segment of the program I present some of that cacophony of confusion. Let me begin with asking these Questions:
• Is the Brandon chant really acceptable?
• A tad more on the logistics issue. Will farmers be able to farm next year with no fertilizer?
• And, depending on time in this segment, a bit more on other state Constitutions.
See the references below for the appropriate links.

The Cacophony of Confusion Gets Louder
Let me begin segment #2 with a hit to your pocketbook.

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