Attorney Lauren Martel: Even if You Don't Have COVID They May Force COVID Protocols on You

Published October 28, 2021 53,038 Views

Attorney Lauren Martel has worked together with Dr. Vliet on several patient cases in South Carolina where patients were held as prisoners.

Attorney Martel talks about the decision makers in these hospitals that are responsible for withholding life-saving treatments for COVID-19. She talks about a whistle blower who claims that there is a plan in place to restrict effective treatments even when patients request them.

She is exploring not only legal remedies, but getting law enforcement involved to stop these murderous practices happening in hospitals today.

Attorney Martel also talks about some horrible cases where people went into an ER with no signs of COVID, were given a PCR test and determined to be COVID positive, and then put on COVID protocols even without any symptoms of COVID, and given COVD treatments like Remdesivir and then ended up dying a week later.

This interview was extracted from the Stop the Shot - Caught on Tape Press Conference found here:


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