Mating Longhorns Successfully for Breed Improvement - 1992

2 years ago

Includes fraudulent misrepresentations and court documents on blood typing for purity in mating; proven successful mating combinations to produce world class Longhorns; eight genetic value traits; blend genetics; genetic weak links and their correction; "Over Compensating" and "Reversion to Type" traits; three data types; valid measurements and data; raising "total" and "complete" cattle; nine future predictions on genetic trends; J. Frank Dobie's vision for breed improvement; how to apply blood typing for near 100% purity tests; how to mate a $10,000 cow and raise a $400 roping steer every time -- and how not to; the 25 year mating plan for success; seven historic Longhorn eras; how to breeIn 1994 the Evaluating Pedigree I film was produced describing in detail the many different types and interpretations of Texas Longhorn pedigrees. Now, more than any time in history, understanding pedigrees is highly useful with Texas Longhorn cattle selling for a hundred thousand dollars or more. As an investment tool, every buyer must understand pedigrees to make wise choices. Evaluating Pedigrees II now offers details in separating fact from fiction in one hour. It carefully documents 37 different types of pedigrees and how to spot them. (This replaces Evaluating Pedigrees 1)d a World Champion in less than 5 years and the new Longhorn producer's first two mistakes. 118 minutes.

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