Aug 13, 2021: the day the Wireless World Irrevocably Changed

Published October 28, 2021 67 Views

Paul G - the founder of Wire America

A landmark ruling in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday the 13th in August 2021 has stopped the so-called "Race to 5G", which has always been a false narrative sold by the Wireless industry and promoted by many of our bought-and-sold elected representatives. The yellow flag is now waving, which is slowing down the "drivers"; many Wireless Cos. are "entering the pits" to re-tool and re-think their strategies. We, the people, assisted by the US Courts of Appeals and state supreme courts, are gaining the upper hand.

Realtors, with coalitions of property owners, have successfully fought off Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) of any size or any "G" for years. Local groups are getting vetoes of bad Telecom state bills and are passing wireless ordinances at the local level to protect residential zones. We are in the process of knocking out the overreach of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has been fully captured by Big Wireless. Our next target is the FCC's recently revised OTARD rule (OTARD stands for Over-the-Air-Reception-Device), which is being challenged in US Federal Court by Children's Health Defense (CHD). We will discuss the briefs in that case as well as the Aug 13, 2021, ruling in CHD's landmark victory against FCC Order 19-126 and the premature closing of FCC Docket 13-84 -- two FCC moves that attempted to extend the outdated, unscientific, downright fraudulent FCC RF microwave radiation exposure regulations.

If we, the people, do not organize and defend our residential neighborhoods, we are headed for 24/7 unconstitutional surveillance enabled by too many antennas, cameras, and sensors - installed much too close to the ground and far too close to homes, schools, parks and medical/care facilities. Instead of dangerous Wireless Broadband, America needs the long-promised, but the largely undelivered solution: Fiber Optics to the Premises (FTTP).,

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