Axetruth Show - Wacky Wednesday Clownin' In the Matrix

Published October 28, 2021 83 Views

Rumble its Wacky Wednesday .... we going to clown the Matrix of lies, The real reason many are going along with this charade of this deadly Pandemic because of PRIDE... they rather live a lie to justify their behavior & how they treated other people than admit they were LIED to.

1. The UN posted a dinosaur telling the world we're heading for a "climate disaster", obviously the covid plandemic has become transparent to the masses now

2. Amazon has done a documentary on "Mayor Pete" FOR WHAT? what has he done? he's an openly gay man who ran for the nomination and LOST BIG TIME... it's the same with Big MIKE. aka Michelle Obama there's nothing of significance she did besides ruin school lunches ... Theres not 1 intellectual quote from Michelle Obama yet theirs a book and documentary about her "Becoming"

3. Educators today are indoctrinating the next generation is gonna be so messed up
*** Investigation underway after Kentucky Hazard High School hosts drag pageant featuring male teens in lingerie giving lap dances to staff

4. Non Bianary Trans THING with a beard & mustache tells a story time on tic tok , these People are so desperate to be a victim so they have to make up unrealistic stories to prove they are oppressed

5. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy OMITTING information on the allocation of Taxpayer Funds to Illegal Immigrants until after election

6. Resident Joke Biden out mumbling bumbling words nobody can understand.. Also maskless at a campaign event for Terry McCollough

7. Resident Joke Biden claims that to be prepared for hurricanes you have to get vaccinated .... WTF does a vaccine have to do with being prepared for a hurricane.

8. President Trump Opposes Vaccine Mandates

9. American patriots confront alleged Federal Informant Ray Epps about inciting violence on Jan 6

10. Charlie "Cuck" Kirk at a TPUSA event had a FED come in say when are we going to "USE THE GUNS" on these people who cheated in election .. just to make right look like extremist..

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