Freedom Fighting Momma or D0me5tiK tErr0ri5t

Published October 27, 2021 936 Views

Rumble When the Williamson County School board (TN) called a special session only one day into the 2021 school year in order to re-institute the mask mandate for all kids, local Mom Kristin Benson had had enough. In Part 1, hear the wild ride she has been on ever since Williamson County schools and the Tennessee legislature have decided once again to see if they can push government Tyranny under the guise of safety, and harshly punishing those children who do not comply.

Here own children have been in ISS for the last two weeks. For those parents who say, "Just sign the exemption!" - this video is specifically for you.

Please find out more bout what you can do in the local fight for freedom here:

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