Hi, An appeal to the British Crown?

Published October 27, 2021 9 Views

The leader of unified democratic opposition, Russia -
Am Rights activist Ruslan Brovkin.

The digitalization of people in the territory of the Russian Federation is canceled.

When it was planned to insert chips into people's heads or somewhere else.

Yes .. Because it is illegal and violates the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

I quote:

Article 24
1. The collection, keeping, use and dissemination of information about the
private life of a person shall not be allowed without his or her consent.

And I want to convey this to the British crown.
So that they know the Russian Legislation.

Before there are any common things to have aaaa with Vladimir Putin.

Who is one of the leaders.

Because I am a leader too

I am a leader.

One of the leaders of the Russian Federation.

He is the leader for his clans, the oligarchs.

And I am the leader for all the people.

I am the voice of the people.

So thanks for your attention.

October 27, 2021

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