1 year ago

UCLA Uses Nazi Tactics to Publicly Shame Their Own Doctors and Nurses Who Refuse COVID-19 Shots

AJ Hurley, a respiratory therapist, is the latest victim of UCLA's public shaming of doctors and nurses who refuse to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. He decided to not leave the hospital quietly, but to film himself leaving and explaining to the world what was happening at UCLA Hospital.

Security guards assaulted him and then ripped his badge off of his gown. 

You may be tempted to criticize Mr. Hurley for not leaving the premises immediately when told to do so, but put yourself in his position. How would you feel if after years of service at your place of employment you were shamed in front of your co-workers and customers, and to the public, being treated like a criminal, and you were now faced with sudden unemployment with no means to care for your family?

Wouldn't you feel that you had a right to voice your opinion on the matter as you were forcibly removed from your place of employment?

Apparently, someone in a position of high authority at UCLA Medical Hospital in Los Angeles has sent a memo to supervisors instructing them to not only fire all personnel who have not taken a COVID-19 experimental shot, but to wait until they show up for work and are working with their patients, and then to physically escort them out of the hospital publicly shaming them, and treating them like criminals.

We are talking about medical professionals who have spent their careers working for one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world, who are now being treated like they are criminals for refusing to risk their lives for an experimental vaccine that neither stops transmission, nor reduces risk of death, but instead provides great risk of life-long injuries or death.

UCLA could have privately contacted them and told them not to show up for work, or waited until their shift was over before taking away their badge and sending them home, or any other of numerous methods to treat these medical professionals with dignity for standing up for their values and beliefs, but instead they chose to make an example of them, and treat them like public criminals.

The criminal pharmaceutical companies are now running the show with their billionaire Wall Street pedophiles, turning this country into one large satanic ritual to impose their beliefs and values on everyone else.

This has nothing to do with "science," and everything to do with a religious cult that they are working hard to enforce on every single person in this country.


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