Your history doesn’t have to be your destiny!

Published October 26, 2021 9 Views

As you come into this world, from the moment of conception that unconscious mind of yours begins to record every feeling, every event, and everything that’s ever been said to you or around you — and you absorb all of this right away.

Everything is there in your memory.
Everything you have ever eaten, every facial expression you have had, is all neatly recorded in your unconscious mind.

How many steps you took this morning, and what you noticed when you went for your walk— you don’t need a smartwatch— your unconscious flawlessly recorded it!

So imagine a young infant that’s sitting there absorbing everything in its surroundings, including parents who are struggling, fighting to pay bills, constantly stressed out not taking any notice of the child…..

Imagine a grimmer scenario where there was violence, or physical abuse, mental or emotional trauma, or inappropriate sexual behaviours.

That’s all recorded just the same.

While we can’t change our history, we CAN transform our memories, which means we can take new steps and decisions.

But there is a catch, we can only change the memories that we can remember.

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