Blindspot #015 - Coup's stage African comeback & Swamp creatures in the White (out)House

Published October 26, 2021 76 Views

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Blindspot covers the resurgence of the word coup in African political headlines since 2020, while also asking questions about the rumoured coup that led Joe Biden to the White (out)House, as brainless swamp-thing...

Not very many so-called Mainstream media (MSM) channels are doing justice to reports from sources inside- and outside the USA, catching the strangest, and sometimes most embarrassing moments wherein the US President, Joe Biden, is clearly mentally not completely all ‘switched on.’

This in a time when the USA is still heavily divided due to the lingering election fraud accusations, still under investigation, and audit, in disputed states.

MAGA-man Trump is staging one MOER* of a comeback! Be Warned.

President Joe Biden has become a national Un-United States of America embarrassment, with approval ratings at the lowest level for any US president, at this stage of first-term presidential incumbency.

But, the story of coup's in the timeline of Blindspot edition #015, is traced from the resurgence of this word in political headlines since the great P(l)an(dem)ic of 2020, emerged on the African continent!

Nevertheless, in the African context Blindspot covers four countries, and six coups, that manifested between 2020 and 2021.

Blindspot #015 speculates that the word coup has been feeling rather neglected and abandoned in political headlines… including the MsM of the US-of-A...

Since the African Union tightened up it's mechanisms not to recognise what it calls, ‘unconstitutional changes of government,’ or coups, the coup phenomenon dwindled in the past decade or so. However, in the past year to two, the word coup makes a major comeback on the African continent.

A casual glance back over news headlines indicate that the word coup has, a bit like a semi-retired boxing legend, needing a last round to beef up retirement funds, made a comeback.

Blindspot #015 covers no less than six coups in little over a year, in four countries, including: Mali (x2), Guinea, Sudan (x2), and Chad.

Blindspot speculates that this might be no coincidence seeing that world society, economies, and states have all been adversely affected by measures taken to lock the world economy down, and thus upset fragile political-economic, and social systems in developing- and African nations.

As covered in a previous Blindspot, Mali has been particularly unstable, prone to insurgency as well as coups, since the fall of Muamar Gaddafi in Libya.

No less than two coups happened in Mali (August 2020, and May 2021).

In Chad during May 2021, the word coup also surfaced together with putschist militarists.

In Guinea, during September 2021, Special Forces, under leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya – a former French foreign legionnaire officer – appeared on public television, draped in the national flag saying government “mismanagement” prompted the coup.

During October a coup toppled, and scuttled efforts slowly to restore civilian rule in Sudan. Blindspot contends that this is still the long-term after-shocks of the unravelling of the Omar al-Bashir era.

Omar al-Bashir ruled Sudan for thirty years, from 1989. Buiteboer spent much time and effort over the years conducting hands-on primary research in Sudan (before the South's independence), as well as in Southern Sudan.

The leader General of the most recent coup in Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, had Abdalla Hamdok - the Prime Minister, and other civilian leaders arrested in late October, 2021. It is reported that there has been mounting dissatisfaction over the weakening of the military in the transition process.

The military has, since independence, played a central role in the vastly complex internal politics of Sudan. In the year 2021 the country experienced one coup attempt during September, and one successful coup - from inside the armed forces, to force the incumbent president, who had insinuated himself into headship of the state via coup himself. Coup folds into coup...for much more visit...

In the meantime, remember: "../as it is above // it is below..."

Coup's on earth might mean coups in realms beyond 3D [meat brain] comprehension... in/on the outer/off-worldly/planetary realms.


*[MOER is an Afrikaans swearword that can mean different things in different contexts. In this specific context it means 'BIGHUGE' [but definitely NOT MAGA!].

In other contexts, where violence is appropriate, MOER can also mean to 'BLIKSEM', or in English, HIT Someone.

Maar, volgens Jack Parow is Afrikaans Fokken Mos Dood...]!?!

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