VATP 2021 Summit - Rich Anderson

Published October 25, 2021 6 Views

RPV Chairman Rich Anderson helps close out the VATP Summit 2021

Rich Anderson opens with recognizing the contributions of Tea Party Patriots to the momentum of the 2021 Republican candidates and the cause of conservatism in Virginia.
Reviewing the widely felt enthusiasm for the Republican candidates, Rich Anderson details the contrast between what the left offers and the Right can win with in November 2021.
He reminds the audience that 25% of the seats went uncontested before he became Chairman of the RPV and his commitment to not seeing that again and that CRT (Critical Racist Theory as he defines it) must and, with a Republican win, will be stopped with a "Unity of Effort" by Republicans and Conservatives.
12:11 - His vision for November 11th, 2021 and beyond.