Covid "Vaccine" passport/Social Credit System/Contact Tracing Blueprint!

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BioTech Analyst: Genetic Code Stolen, Changed With PCR Tests, Shots
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October 21, 2021
Doctor: Pulmonary Hemorrhage Killing Newborn Babies of Vaxxed Moms

OK So I'm guessing that they just ran out of numbers & the only ones left were (666)🤔
H.R.6666 - COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act

H.R.666 - Anti-Racism in Public Health Act of 2021117th Congress (2021-2022)
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: MMWR

Covid "Vaccine" passport/Social Credit System/Contact Tracing Blueprint! 19 ) United States
( 12 ) Patent Application Publication ( 10 ) Pub . No .: US 2021/0082583 A1
EHRLICH et al . ( 43 ) Pub . Date : Mar. 18 , 2021

Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity
A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite)
A61B5/0022 Monitoring a patient using a global network, e.g. telephone networks, internet
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United States

(666 Patent)

For private vaccine supplies , providers should contact Pfizer's customer service department ( telephone , 800-666-7248 ) with questions about purchasing ...

Now Canada 🇨🇦
This Is For You
China developed the Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) to ensure corporate compliance and improve behaviour of companies doing business in China. It is part of the People’s Republic of China’s plan to build a single, standardized reputation system for local and foreign firms alike.

The system touches on virtually all aspects of a company’s business operations in China. It assesses the performance and demeanor of companies, by analyzing topic-specific ratings (e.g. tax, customs and environmental protection) and compliance records (e.g. on anti-monopoly cases, data transfers, pricing and licenses). The automated system collects data, processes and rates it against the defined requirements. Based on their rating, Chinese authorities will reward businesses with “good” and sanction those with “bad” behaviour.

China has already introduced the system. It is expected to be fully implemented by the end of 2020.

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