Taffy Howard for US Congress: Questions & Answers About the Issues

Published October 24, 2021 16 Views

On October 11, Taffy Howard came to Yankton, SD, to speak at a Stand Up For Liberty meeting.

Following are some highlights of Taffy's platform:
Taffy Howard votes for election integrity and honesty.
She strongly supports a full audit and is actively supporting all measures needed to fix the election fraud.
Taffy Howard supports improved immigration laws to end the invasion at the Southern border.
She supports the wall.
Taffy Howard votes for fiscally conservative policies, leading the effort as Vice Chair of the South Dakota House Appropriations Committee.

After she spoke, Taffy answered questions from the audience. In this video clip, she addresses the issues facing SD farmers and cattle ranchers, vaccine mandates and how to protect our rights, and the challenges in the SD legislature, which only has 20 conservatives in the House and a handful of conservatives in the Senate. Republican does not mean conservative.

To learn more about Taffy and to support her campaign, go to https://www.taffyhoward.com

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