Mayo Employee LIVE From Clinic, FDA Announces MASS DEATH COMING, Nick Fuentes LIVE

Published October 22, 2021 3,804 Views

Rumble Kalley Newkirk took the first COVID shot and began having serious issues that she's never had before and, sadly had TWO miscarriages as a result. Kalley refuses to get the second, third, fourth or how ever many shots will be required, and she joined "The Stew Peters Show" LIVE from Mayo Clinic!

Officer Michael McMahon and MANY other cops around the country will NOT bow down to the REAL CRIMINALS, which seem to believe they're in positions of power due to their installation as "leaders". These cops believe in the freedom to choose if they take medicine, and they will NOT be forced into a series of shots that have been proven to be dangerous, and in many cases DEADLY!

The FDA has now announced a "mix and match" formula for the booster shots that everyone has been told are necessary just months after the original serum was released. Dr. Jane Ruby says this is a DANGEROUS precedent that will create confusion, chaos and death.

Nick Fuentes and Stew Peters represent the epitome of TRUTH and COURAGE, and their two worlds collided on "The Stew Peters Show" today.

Dr. Zelenko Anti-Shedding COVID Killer:

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