A Better ETHICS for Healthcare's Trustees

Published October 22, 2021 1 Views

Rumble David Levien – Surgeon - Financial planner & President - American College of Healthcare Trustees (ACHT)

With health care already top-heavy before Covid, the past year's pandemic hysteria saw the special interests in medicine collude with bureaucrats, media heavyweights, and politicians to sabotage any progress on upgrading the health market that better serves our health entrepreneurs and demanding patients.

For a decade ACHT has sought better ethics - and governance and decision making - among the "trustees" of the health market: essentially, any professional member marketing in health goods and services. David has built the organization into a multi-faceted engine for events, education, and innovator-support. In this week's webinar, Dr. Levien - a longtime surgeon - will explain ACHT's programs that allow its "fellows" to create content that promises better ethics for the future of medicine.


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