Christians must fight! (Step 2 of Christian Resistance)

2 years ago

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Christian Resistance involves repenting, fighting, and building. Our first video on repentance is found here -

The need to fight is imminent. Christians should be on the front lines of battle, keeping the evil at bay, and demanding magistrates uphold their duty before God. Christians should NOT passively sit by and abide under the false pretense involving "Romans 13". (

Rather, it is our duty to defend the fatherless the widow, guard our families, and demand justice and righteousness in the land.

Example of a citizen fighting for her county and demanding interposition -

Our fight may necessitate armed conflict. Pacifism is a heresy. Nowhere is pacifism taught in scripture, rather men exegete that upon the text. Reformers have taught on the proper use of arms throughout Christian history. Christians should train and be familiar with arms.

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