🔴TPUSA LIVE: It’s Debate Night with Charlie Kirk, Wuhan Lab & CSU Exposed

Published October 21, 2021 2,886 Views

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Check out today’s show!

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec discusses NIH admitting to funding labs in Wuhan, more employees are standing up to tyrannical mandates and more!

The TPUSA LIVE team is joined by host, Jon Root, and special guests Alex Clark, Isabel Brown, Garrett Powell & CSU student Gabby Reichardt who will talk about The View, Colorado State University, play Real Deal or Fake News and more!

Watch Benny on the Block with Benny Johnson as he interviews Floridians about what their favorite President Biden moment is!

Stick around for POPlitics with Alex Clark as she dives into politician Paris Hilton, the 911 dispatch center disaster in Denver, a pop-culture rewind and more!

We will wrap up the show with Debate Night with Charlie Kirk as he squares off against self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist professor Ben Burgis to debate why Conservative populism, and limitations on governmental and corporate power, is key to protecting our freedoms.