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The Climate Hoax. Build back better speeches. Net Zero is only the beginning. Net Zero is a disillusionment a fairy tale, a nightmare in the making. The Marxist Socialist takeover

.A global strategy disguised as ‘progressive’ going back to tribalism and myths to be demanded to be fact rather than fiction.
Inventing, predicting, theorizing, projecting using phrase and terminologies and data in data out as evidence based, that the general public believe because its pushed through the propaganda machine.

Demoralize the public, demoralize small businesses and services, demoralize the farmers and demoralize the children by warped morals imposed by this Marxist Socialist agenda.

Critical Race theory, Identity Politics, sexualizing of children in the education system, climate emergency.

What a load of bullshit to fill children’s minds with. Severe mental abuse imposed by Governments worldwide as they welcome the UN One World Govt demands for everyone on this planet. Dumbing down the education system

Demoralizing and undermining the confidence in New Zealand. Disabling our customs, our traditions and our families. All about destruction

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