Yet Another Suppressed J6 Video Show Capitol Officer Waving In Protesters

Yet Another Jan. 6 Video That Was Suppressed Shows Capitol Police Officer Waving Protesters Into Building

More Capitol J6 Footage You Won't See on MSM

👉 "News" vs Reality

👉 CNN, what they had vs what they aired

👉 Patriot alerting Capitol Police

👉 Patriot alerting crowd of antifa

👉 "The police are willing to work with us as long as we stay peaceful.."

👉 Visiting a Museum?

👉 Capitol Police opening doors and LETTING PEOPLE IN.

👉 Capitol Police moving gates and WAVING PEOPLE IN.

👉 Capitol Police giving visitor passes to antifa?

👉 Joe Biden illegally entered the Capitol in his 20s.

👉 Members of Congress not allowed to visit J6 prisoners

👉 Antifa plans and their own clips from inside.

👉 Rep Mike Shirkey regarding the Capitol set-up.

👉 Chris Miller zoom call "the truth will come out"

👉 FBI involvement in the Capitol seige

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