Dr. B Ardis Exposes Covid-19 Hospital Protocols & Why NOT to Take the Vaccine

fact check from video timeline

10:00 how Fauci created to scam that he partially funded

27:37 Ivermectin is actually approved but hidden - > Bryan quotes the link to table from NIH Gov USA (Fauci) approved drug is Remdesirvir AND Ivermectin

29:20 Bryan shares link to show Hospitals are bribed (extra 20% incentive) to use Remdesirvir instead of Ivermectin - link to the 20% incentive - Remdesirvir is $2300 but Ivermectin is $100 ? and little to nil side effects

46:53 China used Vitamin C

49: Bryan quotes the site to confirm China used Vit C
translate this site to english with google at

further evidence peer report that Vit C is efficient against Covid

there is many more incredible fact check statements which is all fundamental "common sense"

such as
1. Doctors tell you salt no good yet this is the 1st thing you get when in hospital and they sell it at a huge profit ie., you get sick due to lack of salt in in hospital they give you salt

2. common flu or cold .. in 140 yrs they cant cure it ... and it is a corona virus family .. yet Covid has a cure within 7 mths which costs 20 x more than Ivermectin which is approved on Fauci NIH website - its all overly dumb and Pantomime the king wears no clothes

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