STAND UP AND SING - The Singing Lovelution - Shawn Gallaway

Published October 17, 2021 334 Views

Rumble The Singing Lovelution is for those who are choosing love, who wish to stand up and sing with me, Shawn Gallaway, raising our voices together from all around the world for freedom, truth, liberty and the sovereign rights of all beings on this planet.

My idea is based on "The Singing Revolution" that took place in Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia during the years 1986-1991. That populace successfully came together in peaceful song, without violence, to reclaim their freedom from the communist regime. I believe it’s time for the whole world to do the same.

Shawn Gallaway is an award winning singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, workshop facilitator and energetic healer. He has traveled the world over sharing his message of “Healing and Transformation through the Arts”. His “I Choose Love” song and online course (a collection of videos, songs, artwork, meditations and processes) continue to inspire and educate people of all ages on how to awaken their hearts and find their art. #IChooseLove
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