A Blindspot Short - Searching for Madness in the Method #01

Published October 17, 2021 22 Views

Blindspot is ultimately a 'show' in a multiplicity of spare-parts. And, did you know, the afterlife of religion dies on the frontlines of digitised and uploaded posthuman consciousness.

Buiteboer's latest book - Searching for Madness in the Method - this is not a survival guide to Autopilot's Disease, and the Turbulent Twenties of the Twenty-first Century - is now available for purchase as eBook... among other exciting things on www.buiteboer.co.za

This book is just what you need if you also think the world has gone completely bananas-bonkers-insane... and if you also have a problem with all the trusted and tried 'methods' still sold to us as solutions for a world in pan(dem)ic mode...

More to come soon.


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