Children Thrive and Are Happy in Mask-Free Florida School Centner Academy

Published October 16, 2021

Rumble Centner Academy in Miami, FL has taken a stand against the masking our children! Watch their video to hear first-hand reports from parents whose children suffered by wearing masks and how moving their children to Centner Academy has been life changing! Hear CEO and founder Leila Centner detail how children new to the school opened up and thrived once they no longer had to wear a mask. We must end child masking!

Centner Academy is accepting students! Learn more at:

Centner Academy is a progressive, independent ‘happiness’ school that combines a deep commitment to emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and happiness with a challenging curriculum featuring language immersion, entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. Using a strengths-based approach to learning, all Centner Academy students and teachers have opportunities to do what they love across the curriculum through project- and problem-based learning. Centner Academy’s mission is to promote:
• Happy, thriving students
• Rigorous curriculum that engages students
• Mindfulness and emotional intelligence
• Effective foreign language acquisition
• Project- and problem-based learning
• Entrepreneurial thinking
• Personalized learning journeys
• Habits to optimize neurodevelopment
Centner Academy’s curriculum philosophy was developed by a team of seasoned educators to meet the needs and expectations of globally minded families. Their intention is to shape future adults who are not only confident and poised to succeed, but who also have the character and skills needed to make the world a better, kinder, and more loving place for all.

If you know any teachers, specifically 4th and 5th grade (but they'll take all resumes), reach out to Tell them Larry sent you!

BREAKING: Rumble to Combine with NASDAQ listed CFVI