Dr Steve Hotze Warning People About Deception/Dangers of the COVID-19 “Vaccine”

Published October 16, 2021 64 Views

Rumble SOON true believers in CHRIST ("the Bride") will be gone, evacuated ("the Rapture") and the excuse that will be given will be that the Bride was abducted by the Returning Ancients ("the extra-terrestrials").

3 HARVESTS - 3 Raptures proof! exactly according to the Bible's harvests:
1. barley harvest - evacuation of the Church pre-tribulation;
2. wheat harvest - 144,000 of Israel's virgin holy ones, mid-tribulation;
3. grape harvest - the Overcomers who have been able to escape the Beast system, 91 days prior the Second Coming - immediately "after the sabbath"

Jesus appeared behind enemy lines and outwitted the enemy. Jesus appears in Tartarus and lets the Fallen Ones in there awaiting trial that the game is over, that GOD (YHWH) has won the war. The Nephilim were not happy at all. And Calvary stands as the CENTRAL LANDMARK OF ALL HISTORY, remaining the place from where ALL OF HISTORY can be understood better. The War in Heaven against the rebellious demons and their pathetic leader was taken to earth where satan fell right into the dragon-trap of the Garden of Eden, by doing exactly what YHWH knew he was going to do. Humanity became, as it were, YHWH’s solution to deal with satan. The 6000 year experiment that is yet unfolding but which will soon be over, and we will see the perfection of YHWH’s Plan of Creation. Nothing has ever taken YHWH by surprise. YHWH is fully in control and is unwinding back the firmament like a scroll, soon to reveal His Glory.

Some will not be saved. Heaven is not for everybody. We as believers and disciple follower of Jesus Christ, always believe everyone wants Heaven as hungrily as we do, but the truth is that many choose the world over God's Kingdom of Heaven, and many will never capture the vision that Christ came to paint for us to aspire to. Many are lost and many simply can not see that a life on earth is hell on earth, as it will be a life appropriate to the design of the enemy of humankind, he who enslaves, lies and destroys to everyone. YHWH we pray today that you give everyone reading this and watching this video, that they grasp the big picture of what Heaven is like, and the true freedom and liberty that comes from both believing in your Kingdom vision, and in residing in a place under the one true and just King of the Universe. Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life, and YHWH provided a way for us to escape the evil of the world, and to find true escape and freedom in the Heavenly Kingdom, and the Millennial Kingdom re-build that is coming soon to the earth, followed by the eternity of a new earth and a new heaven where adventures will be limitless, and where the glory of God's goodness will be beyond anything any man could imagine.

Demons built all the ancient buildings and structures of the earth. Fallen angels were responsible entirely for the buildings of the ancient world using the technology they had access to... I used to travel the world chasing after truth and knowledge, and eventually I started to see the big picture, exactly as the Bible account was telling us. Those who follow scripture closely are awake and aware of exactly what was happening in the world in pre-history and what is happening now. The Bible by virtue of its narrative and YHWH’s revelation opens our spiritual eyes to the unfolding plan of the enemy and his minions as the attempt to subdue humanity, lie to them, and try to overthrow the fragile human spirit. Only those filled with the Holy Spirit are able to see through the ruse, and are able to exert their YHWH-given authority over the enemy's wiles. Thank you YHWH for your Holy Bible and for the revelation of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as we get closer to the fulfillment of all prophecy,

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To ensure your salvation, say this aloud:
Dear GOD I am sorry for my sins, I will not sin again.
Thank you for Jesus's blood sacrifice on the cross.
I believe your SON died for me, for my sins, my transgression.
I believe Jesus was resurrected, and is now at your side in Heaven.
I thank you for the Holy Spirit which even now indwells me.
Please come into my life and have a relationship with me for the rest of my life.
Sealed in Jesus name. Amen.

Dear Jesus, bless everyone who reads this.
May they feel your love and presence right now in moments and beyond.

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