10/28/12 Why It's Important to Vote (Archive)

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Rumble β€” Only moral, sensible people should vote! Know yourself so you can deal with the evil of the media and others.
0:00 Sun, Oct 28, 2012
0:48 Voting
6:42 D.L. Hughley
12:16 Dealing with evil
15:26 Forgive mother
20:27 How to forgive?
38:52 JLP: How to forgive
42:16 See your darkness
47:39 Know yourself
50:44 Renew your mind
53:41 Pray morning/night
56:40 Live from within
58:40 Voting: All spiritual
1:00:13 Support BOND

BOND Archive Sunday Service, October 28, 2012: Jesse Lee Peterson talks about the moral issues facing the country amid the upcoming 2012 election. He also talks about his interview with black comedian D.L. Hughley on Comedy Central that was of course deceptively edited. Don't you love dealing with evil? A young man still has to forgive his mother. Do you know how to forgive? Be willing to see the darkness inside you. Know yourself. Pray morning and night. Live from within.

LINK: If Black Men Were Considered an Endangered Species - DL Hughley: The Endangered List (Comedy Central – Facebook, Nov 9, 2020)
(Jesse segment time stamps: 10: 42 - 17: 26) https://www.facebook.com/Rebuildingtheman/posts/1546409539027585

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