Empower Hour with Tanya Gaw & David Lindsay - Dissecting Misinformation & Asserting Your Rights Oct-13-2021

Published October 15, 2021 38,659 Views

Rumble Tanya and David continue their conversation and presentation from last week. Joining them is business owner Lonnie.


CUPE Misleading their members

BC School Trustees Association: Misinforming their members as to liability.

Letter to School Board Trustees - Warning of Liability

BC COVID-19 Planning Resource K-12 - BC government responding positively to Notices of Liability - Pay close attn to who is exempt from wearing masks..."everyone"

Letter from business owner to Environmental Health Officer holding them personally liable for unlawful actions and any loss of income due to it. Lonnie achieved great success by asserting his "guaranteed" rights. https://action4canada.com/wp-content/uploads/business-strategy-to-serve-notices-and-maintain-operation.pdf

David Lindsay's E-book on how to file criminal charges against other citizens, “The Annotated Criminal Code Procedure in Canada,”
Order Book - Email: clear2012@pm.me

After serving the Notice of Liability advise your employer of the following if they persist in hindering your employment:

"Extortion, committing tort, privacy violations and willful misconduct are against the law. Interfering with my right to gainful employment is a violation of the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I further advise you that if you persist in hindering my ability to earn a living that I will hold you personally liable for any loss of income I suffer due to your unlawful actions against me. You are personally not protected under any Act or Statute that is in violation of the Canadian Rule of Law, Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms and are further opening yourself up to civil and/or criminal litigation. You have been duly warned."

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