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book of ours presents: Spectacle

Spectacle has ruggedly diminished opportunity for growth. Spectacle is whittling away, little by little the supreme center of our existence. Passions now seem to lie in sharing spectacle rather than critiquing it.


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Video credits not in any order

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Video mash-up
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Opening song
Artist: Look Inside THE EYE
Album: The Optometrist
Lyrics by: Look Inside THE EYE
Composer: Look Inside THE EYE with Jätten
Release year: 2008
Comments: Birds of the same Eye and feather...
Inspired by: Colorado People 10 years ago
Credits to original artists: Look Inside THE EYE and Jätten

End song: Artist: jennydee
Album: Keeping Time
Lyrics by: jennydee
Composer: jennydee
Release year: 2010
Credits to original artists: jennydee

Over Joe Biden
Artist: HenX
Album: Thin Money
Lyrics by: HenX
Composer: HenX
Release year: 2008

Over Girl licking mic:
Smokin' Love
by delirowe

Websites listed:
- Aesthetic Resistance: soundcloud.com/aestheticresistance
- Winter Oak: winteroak.uk.org
- Nevermore Media: nevermore.media
- The Wrong Kind of Green: wrongkindofgreeen.org

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