Whistleblower: FEMA Is Replacing "UnVaxxed" Doctors & Nurses

Published October 15, 2021 55,174 Views

Rumble Andie Gonzales recently discovered how FEMA is coming into the States and replacing doctors and nurses who are being terminated or walking out due to unlawful COVID "vaccine" mandates. The catch? The FEMA doctors and nurses are not required to get the jab. She's also confirmed that this is going on in other states such as Indiana, Alaska, Kentucky, Wisconsin, just to name a few. She shares not only her experience, but the laws being violated in the process, as well as a surprise testimony near the end of the episode about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ led her out of the LGBT lifestyle. Don't miss this one!

See more here: https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/exclusive-interview-with-whistleblower-fema-is-replacing-unvaxxed-doctors-nurses-video/

I was going to air this on Monday, October 18, 2021, but we had a last minute cancellation from a guest and the show was pre-recorded with that in mind.  My apologies for the references to Monday and Tuesday.

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