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James Poulos: The Race By Governments to Terraform Their Citizens & How to Stay Human Forever!

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*Original Air Date: October 14, 2021

James Poulos talks about his new book "Human Forever" and the undeclared digital war of intelligence and databases against databases where civilization states are racing to figure out how to maintain power as we transition to the Digital Age. The U.S. regime is one which has consolidated its power (e.g. government, finance, media) over the past few decades, convinced that these digital entities would consummate their benevolent global rule and allow them to terraform the deplorables of society. Though China and the U.S. have Social Credit Systems up and running, the people in charge in the West believe in a cyborg future where the doors to transhumanism are open and this Gnostic obsession with immortality is what China finds so terrible. The best way to do something about this is to return to ordinary people the ability to use the most powerful technologies that we have. If you do not have a data center and are not computing, then you are being computed!

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Show Notes
Animal Crossing is Destroying Civilization | A Bee Interview With James Poulos https://babylonbee.com/podcast/basic/252
Our Humanity Hinges on a Cyber Second Amendment https://americanmind.org/salvo/our-humanity-hinges-on-a-cyber-second-amendment

Human Forever (book) https://humanforever.us
Twitter https://twitter.com/jamespoulos
American Mind https://americanmind.org
Claremont Institute https://www.claremont.org
Canonic Books https://canonic.xyz

About James Poulos
James Poulos creates and advises brands and enterprises at the intersection of technology, media, and design. He is the cofounder and executive editor of the American mind at the Claremont Institute and the cofounder and publisher of Return at New Founding.

He is the author of the Art of Being Free and his work has appeared in the Claremont Review of Books, Le Figaro, National Affairs, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, among many other publications.

He holds a PhD in government from Georgetown University and a BA in political science from Duke University. A fellow at the Center for the Study of Digital Life, he was previously the communications director at the Heraion Foundation, a veterans-run rescue and recovery nonprofit operating in failed and fragile states.

He lives on the edge of Los Angeles.

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