Woke Mob: Halloween Is CANCELED | Ep 526

Published October 14, 2021 536 Views

Southwest Airlines CEO blames the BLAH BLAH mandate and President Biden for requiring airlines to implement a BLAH BLAH mandate. The woke mob strikes again and CANCELS Halloween. A Seattle elementary school canceled Halloween due to a lack of participation by the African-American males. Why is one small group controlling what the rest of the students can do? Twitter stated recently that it’s working on a way to be able to tell you, in advance, whether or not a conversation you’re about to join might become “heated.” The quest to eradicate your free thought is the FINAL goal. The Cleveland Clinic has halted a lifesaving kidney transplant because the BLAH BLAH mandate requires both donor and recipient to be fully BLAH BLAH. Gov. Newsom signed another law, and this time it targets how toys get displayed. Retailers with more than 500 employees will be required to display toys to be sold in areas not specified by gender. How is this suppose to help?

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