Stand Up For Liberty: Representative Taffy Howard for US Congress

Published October 13, 2021 36 Views
On October 11, Taffy Howard came to Yankton, SD, to speak at a Stand Up For Liberty meeting.

"Taffy is running for US Congress to fix election integrity, to fix immigration, and to fix the national debt, among many other issues that are critical to the future of this country. She agrees wholeheartedly with Ronald Reagan: "'Man is not free unless government is limited.'"

Following are some highlights of Taffy's platform:
State Representative Taffy Howard is working for South Dakota…
Taffy Howard votes for election integrity and honesty.
She strongly supports a full audit and is actively supporting all measures needed to fix the election fraud.
Taffy Howard supports improved immigration laws to end the invasion at the Southern border.
She supports the wall.
Taffy Howard votes for fiscally conservative policies, leading the effort as Vice Chair of the South Dakota House Appropriations Committee.

On October 13, Taffy Howard sent out this press release: Rep Taffy Howard Announces Bid for US Congress. See the details:

For more information:

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