Liquid Chromium

Published October 13, 2021 9 Views

Analysis has shown that unrefined carbohydrates, especially grains, are rich in Chromium and other essential life supporting minerals. The refining of carbohydrates gives them a longer shelf life, however, Chromium and other essential minerals are removed. Consequently, the human body does not have the elements it needs to effectively deal with these powerful energy sources. Eating such refined food leads to mineral deficiencies and an inability to catalyze those cellular enzymes which require the removed mineral elements.

Chromium works best if it is taken before meals to help support normal blood sugar. Even if sugar is not consumed, Chromium supplementation is important when eating refined or cooked foods. Chromium improves the uptake of glucose in the body's cells so that it can help to produce stable energy levels, thus potentially reversing the effects of excessive sugar cravings. All unburned or unused glucose will be stored as fat for future energy demands, thus the link between excess sugar and excess fat.

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