The FLOE Show 9: Roll up for the Weather Manipulation Magical Mystery Tour!

2 years ago

The For Life on Earth Show is a conversation about the background to current events. We invite you to join the conversation by contributing comments and questions in the Chat box. The FLOE show is LIVE every Wednesday at 9 pm GMT.

Joining the conversation were:
Susan Ashley (Australia)
Jolie Diane (USA)
Claire Edwards (Europe)
Anna Harpley (Australia)
Rachael L. McIntosh (USA)

PowerPoints used on the Show:
FLOE show #9 Agenda 21/2030 IPCC Fraud / Climate Gate
FLOE SHOW #9 Roll up to the Magical Mystery Tour of Weather Manipulation

Further research:

Re: Cloud-Seeding & AI under the 'meteorology' weather forecasting umbrella... supercomputing 'Atmosphere' enabled by the wireless grid. Imagine outlawing this BS! -J
β€œThe supercomputer can also improve current cloud-seeding efforts within the UAE by using AI to predict the best place and time for seeding…”

My website is available at ForLifeonEarth: for more information on my work:

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