National Coming Out Day Featuring Bisexual Superman | Ep 523

Published October 11, 2021 537 Views

Rumble It’s National Coming Out Day and Columbus Day today, so let us CELEBRATE and welcome Superman into the LGBTQIA2+ family … DC Comics has revealed that Superman is bisexual. Why is the Left attacking our superheroes? Southwest Airlines has had a very interesting weekend after having to cancel about 1,800 flights. If you ask the airline, it'll give you a different answer than some reporters are reporting. Is this because of the BLAH BLAH mandate? In Missouri a woman has filed a lawsuit against Geico, and it's not because Geico won’t pay an insurance claim. Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen SHAMED into returning $4.4 million in PPP loans. Why is the church taking government money? We had Jeremy Story on the program the other day, and you heard him talk about how he got the shaft from his local school board because he tried to exercise his free speech in the prescribed manner. What did he get for his troubles? A night in the clink, that’s what. Every day, you turn the news on and what do you hear? Tyranny, tyranny, and – wait for it – more tyranny.