10/10/21 The Mind Is Wicked (Church)

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Rumble The mind is wicked; it will deceive you and make you destroy yourself. Christ bought us back. Pray without ceasing, and endure.
0:00:00 Pre-church talk
0:02:31 Opening questions
0:09:50 JLP on Clubhouse
0:27:00 JLP: Watch the mind
1:08:21 No 'father figure'
1:16:11 Q's: Pray more than 5 mins
1:33:20 College
1:38:15 Endure: James 1: 2-4
1:45:18 BQ: Walk in the spirit
1:48:24 Thanks / End

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 10, 2021: The mind is wicked: Jesse recounts talking with black people on the Clubhouse app this week. People get brainwashed into judging what others' vices are, and worrying about what people think of them. Christ bought us back, so that we can return to the Father, but we're imprisoned in our minds where Satan lies to us. You don't come up with thoughts. //

Don't fall for the idea of a "father figure." You're looking for the love of your spiritual Father. // Pray without ceasing; one lady prays for only five minutes before getting tired — yet she'll talk nonstop the rest of the time! // When did the world convince everyone they needed to go to college? Now the trades are lost, and people hate one another, indoctrinated by false "leaders." // Endure: James 1: 2-4 says: Consider it pure joy when you have trials… The testing of your faith produces perseverance. // Biblical Question: Do you walk in the spirit? //

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